Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rescue Update

It has been awhile since we have posted to our blog.  Most of us at CA Chins Rescue have had a very challenging year so far, dealing with a number of issues including our health, the health of family members, the health of our animals, required home repair, etc.  However, no matter how stressful things become in our personal lives, our efforts in chinchilla rescue continue. 

This summer has been a constant but manageable stream of surrenders and adoptions.  Fortunately we have not had the huge flood of chins that has often hit us during the summer months.  We currently have 30 chinchillas in foster care, only about half of which are ready for adoption.  Some of the unavailable just need to have the checkups with our veterinarian before they are ready to find their new homes.  Other chins have dental problems which we are trying to resolve.  We have at least one chinchilla that is pregnant so she won't be available until after the babies are weaned.